Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine

Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine (Incinerator)

  • Ceramic insulation for external thermal protection.
  • Auto thermal cut off for safety of user.
  • Having an emission outlet outside the room for the fumes developed during the incineration.
  • Very Compact, can be fixed on the wall with easy installation for the convenient use in the Toilets.
  • Wall/ Floor mounted
  • 200 Napkins/ Day
  • M.S. Powder coated
  • Load and Ash Tray
  • Insulation Provided with high density insulation
  • Power : 230V + 10%/1 KW
  • Power Saver : Provided with auto power off.
  • Emission Outlet : Provided to let out the flue gas.
  • Residue ash : > 1 gm. Ash per Napkin
  • Control : Through Digital Temperature Controller Provided with the system