Corporate social responsibility and sustainability engages in actions that appear to further some social good, beyond the interests of the firm and that which is required by law. Different organizations have a different perspective to work in the corporate social responsibility world. It contains a wide range of subjects to work under .As an organizational point of view company serves it as a guide what should the company represents to its customer. Every business should follow some business ethics which is either for organization, sociological or political. Most of the producers think that after achieving target we have to indulge in CSR activities. CSR not only mean that we have to contribute some percentage of company’s revenue to the CSR communities.

There are several corporate social initiatives such as Community Volunteering, Socially responsible business practices, Corporate philanthropy, Cause prmotions,Cause related marketing, cause social marketing.

It have been viewed as a map of responsibilities namely social, legal, ethical and philanthropic. It is to be considered as a responsibility towards the community and environment in which we operates. Expressing as a responsible citizen our company have deals with some issues which is related with the environment and hygiene.

Our company’s initiative is to develop awareness towards environment and encourage people towards social hygiene through CSR. All the activities we are doing through CSR showing good results. We are glad to be a part of this mission and for the contribution of developing our nation disease resistive.


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